Saturday, June 14, 2008

Janet & Forrest Wedding Photography - June 7, 2008

Last week I went to shoot Janet and Forrest wedding day.
As you might know Janet and Forrest are the clients in the video I have:

Janet was a beautiful bride, she did not stop smiling all day long! Even when I asked her to do a "serious" shot she still smiled... :)
Forrest - wow - he was a treat! When I arrived to their home, early in the morning, he asked me if I want to eat something - he said he will cook... I had a lot of work ahead of me so I was forced to decline his great offer.
Both Janet and Forrest were very cooperative with any photo ideas I had in mind, although the time was running short on us we still got some amazing shots!
After Janet & Forrest were ready - we took of in the limo and headed to Stanford, we spent 10 minutes there since Janet was worried that we might get late to the reception, so we wrapped things up and --- off we go to the reception.
The ceremony site was absolutly amazing, this was the first time I shot there, and I'm happy I booked another wedding to the same location: Crystal Springs Golf course in Burlingame.
The Reception was held at the Empress of China, located in China Town - San Francisco. It was a traditional Chinese Banquet with 10 course dinner - Wow WOW Wow what a great food! and a thrilling lion dance.
I am grateful for having wonderful clients like Janet and Forrest!

To see the Online Flash gallery from the wedding - click here

And here is a preview of some of my favorites shots:

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