Monday, November 24, 2008

The Great Bridal Expo @ FAIRMONT SAN JOSE

Yesterday I had a booth at the Great Bridal Expo in the FAIRMONT SAN JOSE.
The show was a great success! I had over 150 people at my booth.
Here is a photo of my booth taken with Mark's iPhone.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Phuong Trinh Bridal & Tuxedo Model shoot, October 12, 2008

Last Sunday I organized a special shoot for Phuong Trinh Bridal & Tuxedo store in San Jose. The shoot was with two GREAT models I got to know from Model Mayhem: Melody and Melisha.
We went to Stanford University to shoot on location. I took two assistants with me to help me with holding my California Sanbounce reflectors.
I also had an amazing make up artist from Model Mayhem: Marisol

We had a lot of fun creating amazing images that will be displayed at the store.
Here are the images we selected to go on the store:

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Step it Up Seminar with Mike Larson and Brittany, October 6-7, 2008 Las Vegas

Improving my skills as a photographer and as a business person is a continues goal of mine.
I am always looking for great opportunities to learn new techniques and new ideas.
I was very fortunate to win an entry to Mike Larson's "Step it Up" Seminar in Las Vegas!
I got to spend some amazing time with him and Brittany from Vegas's best photography studio - BLR photography.
I have to tell you all, this seminar was one of the best I attended! Mike and Brittany were pouring all their secrets on us, I was so overwhelmed I only took few shots the entire two days... so here are my favorites from the seminar.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shiany & Felix wedding photography, Crystal Springs Burlingame CA, September 13, 2008.

The big day has arrived, the wedding of my good friends, Shiany and Felix, was about to begin.
I have to tell you, it is a lot harder to perform when you know that this is for your friends! I was both excited and nervous and the same time, but hey, I have to do my best for my friends!
So I woke up at 6:30am, Shiany wanted me to come to the hotel, where the girls would get ready at 8am, but I like to be early, so I arrived at 7:15am and Shiany was shocked :) I immediately started taking pictures of the hair making, the make up and the details of the dresses. I used my new lens, the 85mm 1.2f, WOW what an amazing lens! I LOVE IT !!!
As always the preparation took longer then planed and we took of to Crystal Springs half an hour late...
When we arrived, we started taking photos for the bridal party! they are the funniest bridal party I had in a long time, hey knowing 50% of them helped :)
The ceremony started, and I was able to take all the artistic photos, since I knew my good friend, Adam Hays, a great photographer will take all the "must have" shots I was free to rome around and take all the artistic shots!
After the ceremony we shot few more portraits, and we headed to the reception area in Crystal Springs. Shiany and Felix performed several dances, some with all the bridal party and some alone... I must tell you, Felix you were the bomb, for someone who did not know how to dance 4 months ago you PERFORMED!!!
As I like to say - "say no more" here are the photos, Enjoy:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Jouney & Tim Engagement session September 14, 2008

This day started with a smile when we headed to the legion of honors museum. Jouney and Tim were funny and they kept hugging each other, which was great for me :) We then went to Bakers beach, and San Francisco. I had Great time with both Jouney and Tim, it is too bad the wedding is not here and I will not be the photographer ....
I love the photos from our day, here there are:

Jennifer & Francis Engagement session September 10, 2008

I love hanging out with my clients, get to know them better, and take some great engagement shots for them.
We started the day early, around 11am, we took of to Santana Row where we did some "paparazzi" style photos - I love these photos, they are so candid and the look great! then we headed down to Pacifica and finally we topped it of with a tour at the city - San Francisco. I had a blast spending the day with Jennifer and Francis, I can't wait to shoot their wedding soon :)
Here are some of my favorites shots from the day:

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Helen & Lars Wedding on August 31, 2008

Sunday afternoon I drove up to Willow Heights Mansion in Morgan Hill.
The place is beautiful! it has an amazing view of the valley, and the mansion is a piece of art.
It was a sunny day and I was lucky to have my assistant with me to help me with light control.
I have to tell you, the ceremony was very short, less then 10 minutes and boom the couple was married :) that was fast :) of course I got all the important shots... so I was happy.
then we had about an hour of shooting with the couple and I loved it, I got some amazing shots for them!
Well, I should say no more, here are my favorites. Enjoy!

Kari & Ann wedding on September 1, 2008

On September 1, 2008 I took of to the beautiful Rengstorff House in Mountain View.
I went to shoot a same sex wedding for Kari & Ann.
This was a colorful outdoor wedding, both brides wore colorful cloths, and the entire setting was wonderful.
The day went by so fast since every moment was filled with fun!
Here are some of the images from that day:

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Faces of Operation Smile

Hi all,

I'm a member of the PPA - Professional Photographers of America.
PPA is promoting a very important Charity here is more information from the PPA BLOG:
Take a look at the smiles that are created when you participate in Family Portrait Month. When you participate in Family Portrait Month, you help PPA Charities raise funds for Operation Smile, allowing them to continue their work with children around the world.

Since 1982, more than 115,000 children and young adults have been treated by thousands of volunteers worldwide and thousands of healthcare professionals have been trained globally. For as little as $240 Operation Smile can change a child's life by giving the gift of a surgery. Revenue in excess of surgical costs is invested into our sustainability programs, empowering our partner countries to treat more children on their own and making your investment go even farther. In as little as 45 minutes, one cleft lip surgery can change a child's life forever.

For More information, or to participate, visit

Slideshow prepared by Angie Weedon for PPA Charities. Copy and paste the code below to post this to your blog. Or use this url to add to Facebook or other social networking site:

Friday, August 29, 2008

San Jose Studio shoot on August 23, 2008.

We started the day early and we got 4 models and 3 photographers to collaborate in the San Jose studio by S.F. Bay Studios.
I love working with models, since they want to get the perfect shot, they would do a lot to make it happen.
We moved old pepsi machine, we took some models outside to the hot weather, then we got them under some cold water... Wow what a day... :)
I had a lot of fun working with all the models, here are my favorite shots from that day.