Saturday, May 31, 2008

Santa Cruz Portfolio Jam 2008 - Robin Bourbonnais

Last week (May 24) I went to Santa Cruz to participate in the portfolio Jam that Robin put together. 
Several models arrived to the beautiful beach at Santa Cruz, the day to with a nice overcast and the atmosphere was relaxed. 
I had great time taking photos for several of the models that came to the event.
later that night most of the group went to eat at a local restaurant, it was a blast!
Thank you for taking the time to view them.
Tsafrir (Mike) 

West Valley and Mission College Dancers Present - Dance CAravan 2008 - May 16&17, 2008

On May 17 I went to see the Dance Caravan performance in West Valley theater. 
The performances were amazing, the costumes, the music and the lighting was wonderful. 
I took some photos at the show - you can see them in the following link:
Click Here to see the photos from  West Valley and Mission College - Dance Caravan 2008
Talk to you later...
Tsafrir (Mike)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nataliia Rudometkina on stage...

Last week Nataliia came over to boost her portfolio.
We spent about an hour shooting some interesting images.
Here is a sample from that day:

Friday, May 16, 2008

Underwater ...

The summer has arrived to Sunnyvale. The pool is cool and the water is blue.
It is so good to get some time off all the work, and have some fun ... underwater fun!

Check out this cool clip I made using my new MAC. 

Monday, May 5, 2008

Baby photography is a lot of fun!

Hi all,

I've got to tell you, baby photography was more enjoyable that I initially thought... 
The reword of the parents smiles is so huge!
Last weekend I photographer Sarah, an adorable baby that lives in my complex.
It was an amazing experience, working with a baby - getting her to smile, and then capturing the right moment --- WOW what a great way to spend my day! 
I can't wait to work with more kids and babies!

Here is a small example of the shoot... more photos are on my website